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Destiny 2 Week 3 And Week 4 Nightfall Modifiers Revealed

Bungie has outlined The Nightfall Modifiers that will be in play for this and the next week as player gear up for another set of nightfall events starting today. This week’s nightfall comes with the Timewarp: Anomalies and “Attrition” modifiers. The next week, with a weekly reset set for the 26th of September will come with two new modifiers: Timewarp: Zero Hour and the “Torrent” modifier. At the time of writing, we do not know the gameplay dynamics that some of these will change, but nightfall Strikes are generally expected to be played by seasoned Destiny 2 players only, with power levels being recommended by mutiple players to be at least 300 in order to make a significant impact; Nightfalls unlock at 230 power levels after a player has completed at least 2 strikes

Bungie’s Twitter account reveals images outlining Destiny 2’s Month 1 activities yesterday

For this week’s Nightfall however, the following modifier is in play:
Attrition – Health and shield regeneration is severely hampered. Defeat enemies to create ‘wells of Light’ that can restore health and charge your Super.

This is in addition to the Prism modifier already in player for users: This allows a rotation of burn damage via different sources such as Solar, Arc or Void and causes you to both deal and receive additional damage while it is currently active; the type changes multiple times during a Nightfall Strike.

It comes in tow with the Timewarp:

Anomalies – These are clusters of energy that, when shot, will increase your timer.

Destiny 2 Releases for PC on October 24th with the Xbox One And PS4 versions already out on the 6th of September. The game has millions of players and requires users to have an always-online experience. Regular updates continue to add more content and variations in gameplay in addition to paid Downloadable Content (DLC) that is built into the main game.

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