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Atari confirms few specifications for Ataribox, pre-orders begin this fall

Those interested in purchasing the upcoming “Ataribox” console from the classic gaming company now have new information to process.

In an open letter published earlier today, Atari confirmed that the hardware will be powered by a custom AMD processor with Radeon Graphics technology. The operating system will be based on Linux, featuring a custom “easy-to-use” user interface. In addition, the console will have the capabilities to stream content and listen to music. As far as the company is concerned, the Ataribox offers a “full PC experience” and owners can expect most of the functionalities that they already enjoy on their desktop systems.

Atari also pointed out that the console will come pre-loaded with “tons of classic Atari retro games” as well as “current titles from a range of studios.” It promised that some titles from third-party developers will be announced soon. There is also “lots more” to share with everyone in the coming weeks.

Take note that Atari has chosen to sell the Ataribox through a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo this fall. A precise price point has not been set but the console is expected to be between $250 and $300 ahead of an official launch in spring next year. There is also no word on a funding goal but the company hopes that users will be “part of this launch” and “part of the story.”

The final cost is likely to differ based on different specifications like memory configurations and editions like the wood version where the entire console is actually made with wood.

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