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AMD Vega and Ryzen Planned for 12nm LP Upgrade in 2018

This year marked an important milestone for AMD who launched the highly-anticipated Ryzen processors which helped the red team get back in the CPU market with a strong impact, and the second was the release of high-end graphics cards based on the company’s Vega architecture. Looking forward, AMD’s roadmap includes launching the successor to Ryzen and next-generation GPU architectured “Navi” .

But more than that, it has now been revealed and confirmed that AMD is planning to bring 12nm LP process to Ryzen and Vega in 2018. Tom’s Hardware was present at the Global Foundries Technology Conference where AMD’s CTO Mark Papermaster outlined the company’s plans to transition from 14nm FinFET LPP to the new 12nm LP process.

(Source: Twitter via Videocardz) 

AMD’s CPU and GPU roadmap dictates that Zen and Vega will also use a more refined 14nm process. Assuming AMD has not ditched its plans to introduce Zen 2 and Navi on 7nm, the current Zen and Vega architecture will be upgraded to 12nm LP instead of 14nm+ next year.

There is currently no word of what the next products based on the two architectures will be but RTG’s Raja Koduri recently teased “new wave of product excitement” for 2018 during his temporary leave announcement.



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