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Survival Mode adds hunger, fatigue, weather, and more to Skyrim Special Edition

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition now has support for the Creation Club, meaning that players can get access to a variety of modes and add-ons to make the gameplay interesting.

Posting on the official website earlier today, the developer announced the arrival of Survival Mode. It promises to transform the lore-enriched world into a “land of unrelenting cold and harsh wilderness” for players to fight against. It adds several new gameplay features and challenges. Those who want to confirm their lineage as the Dragonborn will have to attempt the game at the legendary difficulty tier and with the new mode enabled.

Players must eat regularly to keep up their stamina, periodically sleep in a bed to keep up their magicka, and wear the appropriate attire to protect themselves from exposure to the elements. In addition, fast traveling will be disabled and players must reach their destinations on either foot or horseback. Other changes include threatening new diseases, reduced carry weight, elimination of auto-health regeneration, and leveling up only by sleeping indoors.

The Survival Mode arrived on Steam earlier today but is currently in beta. The developer should bring it over to consoles early next month. The mode will be available for free for a week on all platforms once it officially launches. Following that, interested players must spend Creation Club Credits to purchase the add-on.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition was released last year as a remaster of the original game. It features upgrades to lighting, special effects, textures, reflections, shaders, and more. It also adds support for native 4K resolution.

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