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Vega 10 Comes in at least Three variants of GPU Packages, Says a Source

According to latest source from Tom’s Hardware, the vega 10 GPU package is said to come in at least three different variants. The different variants come from different factories that equip Vega 10 with different memory chips.

The main difference found in three variants is of lack of molding on the non-resin variant. This means that these Vega 10 packages chipset are harder to use in custom designs because the GPU is 40um higher than HBM2 modules.

Vega 10

Another striking difference between the molded and un-molded design is of 0.1 mm difference in GPU height. The millimeter difference is big enough to give a hard time for AIBs to make Vega 10 package based custom design GPUs.

According to Tom’s Hardware, AIBs are experimenting the different screw lengths so as to avoid the potential heat problems due to 0.1mm difference. The extra care and experimentation is just to avoid the misalignment of GPU cooler and VRM section, which can result in heat dissipation.

Vega 10 Vega 10


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