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Tom Clancy’s The Division To Get New Content this Fall, Free Update 1.8 Coming Soon

Tom Clancy’s The Division had gone through highs and lows since its launch. Every single update since launch has fixed bugs and issues and made the game to a near perfection. All the series of scheduled content has officially released and fans now crave for new content to come. Ubisoft in a reveal trailer has announced free update 1.8 for the game, essentially increasing the map area and giving agents more of a fight. Check out The Resistance trailer below.

The free update 1.8 of The Division brings three big changes. It increases the map to West side in West Side Pier. It unites the enemy factions to fight a common foe; agents, in its Resistance PVE mode. Last, it gives PVP Skirmish mode, where two teams of four players face-off each other and fight for kill counts.

Additionally, the free update 1.8 comes with few small changes. Camp Clinton will be added, which will be a social hub for meet and to find new players to group up and fight The Resistance.

The players who share a common interest in PVE will find the free update 1.8 interesting. You will fight enemies with fixed factions. As seen from reveal trailer, Rikers, LMbs and Cleaners have made alliance to fight agents. The Free update 1.8 will bring a bit of fresh taste in playing PVE, since enemy waves will have mixed enemy factions.

For the PVP fans of The Division, Skirmish will be a fabulous event. The Skirmish in Update 1.8 focuses only on number of kills. The more kills you do, the more points you earn. All the rogue agents will to jump in Skirmish mode every now and then once Ubisoft rolls out Free Update 1.8.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is already out on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One. For more details on The Resistance reveal trailer, check out the twitch channel at 8AM PDT on August 31, 2017 to get more insight on Free update 1.8.


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