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Take-Two Considers PC “Very Important” Platform, Won’t Confirm Red Dead Redemption 2 for It

Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, believes that PC is a “very important, very exciting” platform to publish on. However, it is not willing to confirm just yet as to whether or not we might see Red Dead Redemption 2 make its way past the consoles.

During an earnings call this week, president Karl Slatoff stated that some games sell better on PC while others do not. At the same time, he exclaimed that the global PC market is huge and with a lot of potential for both developers and publishers.

It really depends on the title. Some titles are actually heavily weighted to PC, for example, Civilization and XCOM, [but] some titles are less weighted to PC,” he explained. “The great news is that the PC market is vibrant for us. It’s a great market. It’s a big market. It’s a core market.

These are consumers who are highly engaged. It’s a predominantly digital market, which also removes friction in terms of ongoing engagement with the consumer. So for us, the PC market as a company is very important, very exciting, and something we focus on.

When asked if all of that praise is a hint towards Red Dead Redemption 2 releasing for PC, chief executive officer Strauss Zelnick said that we must wait for Rockstar Games to make an official announcement. “Any updates about any of our titles will come from our labels,” he said.

To recall, Grand Theft Auto V was initially announced for consoles only. Later on, the developer did confirm a PC release but that took place almost a year after the game was already out on consoles. In this case, the original Red Dead Redemption never saw a release on PC. However, looking at how the developer treated the release of Grand Theft Auto V, there is the possibility that we might hear about a PC version later on.

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