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Surprise DRM and always-online feature leaves Sonic Mania fans furious on Steam

Sonic Mania, hailed by critics as the long-awaited great return of the blue hedgehog, finally graced Steam yesterday but its reception was less than ideal.

Owners and fans were left furious when they discovered that the installment came attached with the controversial Denuvo anti-tamper technology and digital rights management (DRM) scheme. In addition, Sonic Mania requires players to be always connected to the internet in order to play.

Both of these features were missing from the product page of the game on Steam. The developer only updated it to notify everyone about the attached strings after the game had already launched.

“Like you, we’ve noticed an error in the Steam store not mentioning the DRM for Sonic Mania,” reads a statement on Steam. ““We’re fixing that now. Sonic Mania is intended to be played offline and we’re investigating reports on that.”

Since the information was missing beforehand, it naturally drove players to criticize Sega for shady practices. While the publisher is working with its development team to remove the always-online requirement, players are lining up in queues to get a refund.

As is custom, the reviews for Sonic Mania on Steam are also being bombed. It holds a “Mostly Positive” rating overall. However, the most recent reviews have been severely negative. If this keeps up any longer, the game is likely to lose its positive rating.

Sonic Mania was developed by Headcannon and PagodaWest Games. The side-scrolling platformer was released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch a couple of weeks back. It saw a delayed release on PC, which has fans convinced that the extra time was used to incorporate the DRM.

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