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Star Citizen 3.0 Alpha Update Delayed Due To “Stability Issues”

Frequent delays seem like the order of the day when it comes to Star Citizen and its ambitious plans to create one of the best space simulators in history.

Earlier today, Cloud Imperium Games announced that it must push back the release date for the much-awaited Alpha 3.0 update. This is in light of “stability issues” that the developer recently discovered in the latest build. As such, more time is required before “the next major step forward in the vision of the Star Citizen Persistent Universe” can be realized.

“This week, we entered the optimisation, polish, and bug fixing phase for the 3.0 feature set. As there have been so many features and content implemented, we’ve encountered some stability issues that we want to address before going to a wider test audience,” reads the announcement. “Because of this we have pushed back the Evocati and subsequent date ranges to reflect the additional time needed to get Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 ready for prime time.”

The developer was originally hoping to release the 3.0 update at the end of August. Now, though, it is slated for arrival sometime in September. While that is a small delay, there is always the possibility of something else going wrong and the release date going further back.

According to director of player relations Will “Soulcrusher” Leverett, working on the 3.0 update was not an easy task. There were several challenges for the developer to overcome. Truthfully, his tone suggests that Cloud Imperium Games were dubious about meeting the original release date all along. Nonetheless, a few stability issues do not sound that bad compared to incomplete features.

“There’s certainly no malice behind it, and anyone who makes that claim is providing an uninformed opinion. Ask any project manager or developer who worked on sophisticated software or has been involved on a complex project with lots of dependencies and moving parts. They’ll gladly share how challenging a task of estimates can be.”

Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 update adds an “entirely explorable solar system” and adds the first tools and systems that players can use to create outpost and communities. Those are just a few of the new features–you can read this blog post to learn more.

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