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SNES Classic Edition Can Rewind Games to Any Point

The NES Classic Edition, a miniaturised replica of the original system, released with the ability to pause and resume a game from any point. The SNES Classic Edition will improve on that by allowing players to rewind a period of gameplay as well.

It is hard to say how far back you can go with the feature. According to Nintendo, it entirely depends on the game and genre. On average, it should be at least several minutes. However, the great aspect of the rewind feature is not just to go back in time but also being able to jump into the gameplay at any given point.

To recap, the SNES Classic Edition can pause and resume a game. Depending on the situation, you can rewind the gameplay to pick up the action beforehand. It goes without saying that it may prove beneficial in several games. There may be a specific puzzle that requires you to go back, or multiple sections of a dungeon that you may want to approach differently.

In addition, Nintendo has taken the recording feature to function as a screensaver as well. If the SNES Classic Edition is left idle for long enough, the system will show actual gameplay footage on the screen instead of a predetermined generic image or animation sequence.

The options from the main menu allow you to choose from three different display options. The first applies a CRT filter with scanlines, the second displays the game in a 4:3 aspect ratio, and the final one shows a pixel-perfect version. You’re also free to choose from a variety of frames to fill in the surrounding areas of the screen.

The SNES Classic Edition is scheduled to launch on September 29 and comes with twenty-one pre-installed games. The list includes several popular names, plus the never-released Star Fox 2.

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