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Shortage of GDDR5 RAM may Price Hike Nvidia GPUs

Samsung and SK Hynix, the largest manufacturer to GDDR5 RAM have cut short the supply to GPU and directed the sale of GDDR5 RAM for mobile market. This according to some experts may cause a price hike in Nvidia GPUs, as their GPUs consume GDDR5 RAM at large. The shortage may affect the sale of used and brand new Nvidia GPUs, brace yourselves for increased rise in price in coming days.

The companies are directing their resources from PC market to mobile market. Gone of the days when PC industry yelled lucrative outcomes from hardware sales. These days,  mobile industry outweighs the profits.

When the Pascal architecture based Nvidia GPUs hit the market, they sold out in weeks, this caused shortages of availability and brought instability in market. This cooled down later when GPUs were restocked, then again cryptocurrency wave hit the GPU market, and brought back the instability to the market.

Keeping that in mind, the end of August brought the increased usage of  RAM quote by 30.8% as compared to July. Now, Samsung and SK Hynix are hell bent to direct their RAM resources to mobile market from PC, this can cause serious repercussions in shortage of GDDR5 RAM and restocking of Pascal based GPUs.

Let us know what do you make of the price hike that will affect the Nvidia GPUs in upcoming months? Will you buy a Pascal architecture based GPU once the price increases? Or will you wait for Volta technology? Let us know your thoughts in comments section below.

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