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Nintendo Promises Enough Switch Units for the Holiday Season

Nintendo is renowned for always falling short when it comes to restocking retailers with supplies. The company is now promising to do everything it can to ensure that there are enough Switch units for consumers during the upcoming busy holiday season.

The new hybrid console is already a difficult find in the market, and has been so since it was released earlier this year. Stocks have been running dry for some while others are seeing theirs wiped clean as soon as a new allocation arrives. Nintendo reportedly sells through new shipments in a matter of days. Previously, it made efforts to reduce travel time by sending out new shipments to retailers by air. It has hardly helped quench the thirst of millions that still stand in long queues in the hopes of a purchase.

“We’re doing everything we can to make sure everyone who wants to buy a Nintendo Switch system can do so,” Nintendo said in a statement to The Wall Street Journal. “We will ramp up production for the holiday period, which has been factored into our forecast.”

The official forecast of Nintendo is to ship 10 million units of Switch to retailers by the end of its fiscal year ending March 31, 2018. However, the number if nearly not enough. According to sources inside the supply chain, the company is now considering to ramp up production to 18 million units by the ending date.

The Switch hit shelves worldwide in March. It has sold almost 5 million units and raised stocks for the company by 50 percent. It is another success story for the company and on track to surpass the Wii.

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