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Next Playable Race for Total War: Warhammer II Features Ratmen

Total War: Warhammer II was originally announced back in March to feature four playable races. The High Elves, Dark Elves, and Lizardmen are three of them that were already confirmed by the developer during these past months. Today is the day when we get to know about the final fourth race.

The Skaven, sometimes known as the Ratmen, are led by the fearful warlord Queek Headtaker and Lord Skrolk. In a way, the race was already out in the open as it was shown in the debut trailer of the upcoming installment.

“Their motives obscured, the devious Skaven are a highly numerous species who inhabit vast subterranean lairs,” reads the official description. “Now, their time of prophecy is upon us, and this verminous Race have emerged to spread pestilence and mayhem across the face of the New World.”

Total War: Warhammer II also features another playable race called the Norscans. It was recently revealed as a pre-order bonus. That being said, as it is with most such incentives, players will have the opportunity to spend real-world money down the line if they wish to unlock the fifth race.

Total War: Warhammer II is scheduled to release on September 28 for PC. The developer has promised to release an update in the future that will combine the campaign maps from both Total War: Warhammer and the sequel to create one giant environment for players to skirmish in. This, however, will only work for those who own the original game.

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