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New Xbox Wireless Adapter Connects Eight Xbox One Controllers

There is a new Xbox Wireless Adapter in town. The latest iteration is not only much smaller than the previous design but is also able to support up to eight Xbox One controllers at once.

However, interested parties should note that the new Xbox Wireless Adapter is only compatible with Windows 10. This not only includes PC but also laptops and tablets. Any device running any of the older operating systems will fail to detect the external plug-and-play dongle. In addition, as another word of caution, the new Xbox Wireless Adapter does not work for Xbox 360 controllers.

Coming to a price point, Microsoft has confirmed that the price tag will remain the same as the older version–$25–in North America. It is scheduled to hit stores next week.

Those not interested in spending extra to connect their Xbox One controllers to their PC systems can use micro-USB cables to achieve the same results. One major difference is that this method also works for older operating systems.

In other news; the Xbox One X is on schedule to officially hit stores across the world later this year, with a Japanese release slated to take place sometime later. For the western audience, the console will become available from November 7 for $500. Pre-orders are currently open at all major outlets.

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