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New Fortnite Update Brings New Survival Game Mode and Weapons

Nearly one month after entering early access, Fortnite is awaiting the release of a major update that will introduce several new features for the community.

First up is a new game mode called Survive the Storm, which will task players with the brutal challenge of making it through nature’s fury. Collect as many resources as possible during the daytime, and then fall behind your fortifications to endure waves of enemies at night. The storm also brings with it various modifiers such as enraged husks and limited health. A lot depends on what resources are gathered and how they are used.

The game mode will feature special loot as well. The developer is yet to give details on the incentives but they will somehow stack up to give access to “high-impact” weapons from the new hydraulic set. You can check the new weaponry in action below.

In addition, the upcoming update will add new heroes and defenders to Fortnite. Details for them are also unavailable at this point. The developer has also mentioned that it will be bringing a few performance improvements for the game. It should address players who have been complaining about stuttering problems in the past weeks.

Fortnite is scheduled to receive the new update on August 29 next week. The official patch notes should be dropped on the weekend.

Those who have yet to experience the game can purchase it on either the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC. The final version will probably launch sometime next year and will be free-to-play. To get into early access, though, you must purchase a copy.

Fortnite spent more than five years in development hell. All that extra time may have paid off since the game sold more than 500,000 copies on its first day alone.

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