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Microsoft promises a better and responsive streamlined dashboard for Xbox One X

The user interface for the original Xbox One was criticised at launch for doing too much at once. Many found it to be overly congested, confusing, and irritating. Microsoft had no choice but to release several updates over the years to introduce improvements and better the experience.

According to Mike Ybarra, corporate vice president of the Xbox and Windows gaming platform, the company will not be repeating the same mistake with the Xbox One X. The user interface for the mid-cycle console is promised to not be bloated or sluggish, and is being designed with performance as a priority.

“We’ve thought about this. We said… wow, when we come out with X we’ll have so much more power, so much more RAM. What do we want to do? What I told the team is, we don’t want to do anything. Because of exactly the point you’re making,” said Ybarra in a recent interview with VG247.

The new dashboard will be streamlined because it will be running across the Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X consoles. Microsoft is also probably looking at future models, such as the next iterations arriving in the coming years.

However, the the company is yet to settle on a final design. It is currently taking feedback into consideration and adjusting the user interface accordingly.

“I feel great about where we’ve come today, but we designed this UI to be across the whole family and to only use a static amount of system resources so that even on S and the original Xbox One it runs absolutely great,” he added.

The Xbox One X is scheduled to officially hit shelves worldwide on November 7 for $400. It will feature over a hundred games at launch, almost all of which are older releases that are going to be enhanced by their respective developers to look pretty on the console.

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