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Lifestage, Facebook’s App For Teenagers, Silently Bows Out

Lifestage is no more. You probably don’t care. Because you probably didn’t know something like that existed. Lifestage was an app introduced by Facebook as an alternative to Snapchat. It focused completely on teenagers (more specifically people under 21) and was available only on iOS (later for Android). It was released less than a year ago but obviously failed to gain traction. I don’t even remember it being mentioned at all in the news since I wrote about it last year.

The app basically transformed all communication into a series of videos like Snapchat. Your status and your updates were all videos, even your likes and dislikes and all other reactions were grouped into videos. Communication went on in groups which were determined by signing on to a high school and you could only see each other’s profiles when 20 or more people from that high school signed up. People over 21 could use the app too but they couldn’t see each other’s profiles because the app was squarely aimed at high schoolers.

The app was created by 19 year old Facebook developer Michael Sayman who saw an opportunity to spread his wings at the social network. He led the launch of the app.

Now you may be able to see the problem with this. This is a solution without a problem and a bad solution at that. If you look at the rating of Lifestage on the App Store, it’s an abysmal 1.7/5. Facebook in 2016 was trying to copy Snapchat anyway they could. But Lifestage was an app that didn’t have anything distinctive or unique to present to the world. Eventually, Facebook just realized that it would be better to introduce the Snapchat story into all their regular apps to encourage their already unbeatable user base to switch loyalties. Today Instagram. WhatsApp, the Messenger App and the Facebook App all have the stories feature. Instagram’s feature has overtaken Snapchat’s 166 million users with its 250 million users. And while it might not be as popular as some at Facebook would want it to be on all platforms, it’s certainly a cheaper and more sensible alternative to running an entirely separate app for it.

The support for Lifestage will go out completely on September 1 but the groups made on it will continue to be available on the Facebook App. A Facebook spokesperson has said that the company has learned a lot from Lifestage and will continue to incorporate great features from the App into the main Facebook App.



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