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LawBreakers fails to attract new players, peak player-count drops below 400

Despite all those flashy trailers and suspiciously positive feedback from internet celebrities, LawBreakers has failed to attract a decent player-base.

Three weeks after launch, the gravity-based first-person shooter has reached a new low. Its peak concurrent player-count on Steam has dropped below 400 in the last twenty-four hours. At the time of writing, it sits at 364, which is abysmal.

Some games have rough starts but pick up the pieces along the way. LawBreakers is looking like it is trying to bury itself with each week. At launch, the game registered a peak player-count of around 2,500. It was not only even lower than Battleborn’s but also a number of other–now forgotten–games. It also goes without saying that the drop from 2,500 to less than 400 is huge.

Due to the low number of players, and an even lower number of active players, matchmaking has taken a brutal hit. Those even interested in trying out LawBreakers must wait in queues before matches are found. This inevitably leads to many of them dropping out and starting another game.

The current situation for the game is terrible on PC but might be a bit better on PlayStation 4. Boss Key Productions, however, is yet to reveal official numbers.

LawBreakers has arrived at a time when the market is already saturated with team-based first-person shooters. Before Overwatch took the world of storm, it was Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. There is also Rainbow Six Siege, going stronger than ever. PUBG jumped over everyone in the past months to lead the pack. It is hard to convince anyone to take a break and dedicate time to LawBreakers. Perhaps a free-to-play model could help, but it will not save it entirely.

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