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Kratos will have to make choices for his son in God of War

We already know that Kratos will not be alone in the new God of War. He will be accompanied by his son Atreus, whose origin still remains a mystery. It was already speculated that the father and son duo would be working together in the game. We come to know today that some of the character development of Atreus, and his relationship with Kratos, will be impacted by choices made by the players throughout the progression.

Speaking with PlayStation Magazine (via WCCFTech), game director Cory Barlog revealed that the spartan warrior is going to be taking a parenting approach in the new installment.

As you move through the game you make choices about what you, or Kratos, wants for Atreus, about how you’re going to develop each of these characters. When you really extrapolate, it’s like this is about sort of putting loadouts and outfits on characters, but when you divorce it from that, and you’re in the moment, you start to realize it’s very similar to that moment in Mad Max when he’s got the can of dog food and he’s determining whether he’s going to eat all of it and get the energy, or if he’s going to give some of it to the dog, and he’s going to do that because he wants to be able to sleep, and if he has the dog and he’s well fed he can sleep and the dog will warn him if danger approaches.

God of War is essentially still an action-adventure hack-and-slash game. The matter of choice-making brings up the question of how far the role-playing elements will go. Will they affect the story-line and narrative, or are only there to grow both Kratos and his son as the primary characters of the game?

God of War follows the critically acclaimed trilogy and heads into Norse mythology. The developer has already committed to multiple sequels. For now, though, we look towards the release of the first installment in that lineup.

God of War is slated for an exclusive release on the PlayStation 4 sometime next year.

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