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It was a mistake to announce Crackdown 3 so early, says Microsoft

Microsoft shares the frustration of fans that Crackdown 3 has suffered multiple delays throughout its development history.

The highly anticipated installment in the series was originally slated to arrive last year. It was then pushed forward to be launched this November alongside the Xbox One X. Despite promises and assurances from the developer, Crackdown 3 is now looking at a release in spring next year.

According to general manager of publishing Shannon Loftis, the repeated delays are a result of the company underestimating the complexities involved with the game.

“I think we probably announced Crackdown too early,” she told Polygon in a recent interview. “We definitely underestimated the challenge of making sure the quality bar of all three of those modes was high and it delivers on what we need to deliver on.”

As surprising as it is, Crackdown 3 has three different studios working on three of its gameplay modes. Reagent Games, Sumo Digital, and Cloudgine are reportedly working together to finish the game. It is why more time is needed for further polishing.

“We’re in this for the long haul, and we wanna make sure that not just in the spring of 2018, but in the summer, and in the fall, and the spring of 2019 that we’ll have great, unique, fun experiences for Xbox gamers,” she assured.

As previously stated, the current focus is on visual fidelity. The developer is aiming for a “completely” immersive world where players “really feel the larger-than life enemies as they’re exploring the expansive open world, combatting crime, and collecting orbs.”

To recall, Microsoft offered a similar statement when it cancelled Scalebound earlier this year. Phil Spencer noted that the company will not be announcing games so early in development any more. It raises expectations for fans but there is always the possibility that something goes haywire during the development process.

Unfortunately for the Xbox One, the only first-party exclusive due for release this year is Forza 7.

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