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Gears of War 4 Update Adds Two New Maps, Increases Daily Win Bonus

Gears of War 4 received a new update earlier today that introduced a lot of new content as well as incentives to keep playing.

To begin with, a new multiplayer map called Forge Blitz has been added. It is, as the name suggests, an overhauled and improved version of Forge. The map is set in an abandoned factory that has been left in ruins due to damage done by the elements. According to Microsoft, Forge Blitz is all about being “faster, more tactical, and more intense.”

Canals is another new multiplayer map that has been added to the mix, returning from the first installment in the Gears of War franchise. Taking advantage of the newer engine and technical capabilities, the map has been improved in terms of visuals and fast-paced combat.

Those who own the season pass of Gears of War 4 can get access to both Forge Blitz and Canals right now. There is an incentive as well in the form of double experience points. The rest of the lot, though, must wait until August 8 before sinking their teeth into the new content.

The latest update also increased the bonus received from the first win of the day. This was previously 400 credits. Starting from this month, players will receive 500 credits for their first victory of the day.

Elsewhere, the developer confirmed that it plans to host new Versus and Horde events later this month. August 18 will see the inclusion of a new Horde variant, while the One Shot One Kill mode on Canals will go live on August 25.

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