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First Mobile Intel Core i7-8550U Processor Spotted in Acer Nitro Notebook

In a recent uploaded video at ADBIG channel showcases Acer Nitro Notebook, which is fired up by first mobile Intel Core i7-8550U processor. Recently, Core i3 8th generation core processors were also leaked at Chinese website.

Core i7-8550U

The Acer Nitro Notebook has following hardware specifications:

Intel Core i7-8550U

Quad-Core CPU

Eight Threads

20 GB DDR4 memory

GeForce GTX graphics Card

The mobile Intel Core i7-8550U processor will sport lowered core count than supposedly the desktop version with 6-cores.

In a parallel news, a Chinese website has leaked the hardware specifications of Intel Core i3-8350K and Core i3-8100. The leaked data shares relevance to the datasheet of Intel. Since the data sheet source is not official, it is to be taken with a grain of salt.

The current 7th generation core processor lineup still shine fairly better, but Intel has plans already to showcase the successor to the world. The press release did not mention any technical details on 8thgeneration core processor otherwise known as Coffee Lake. However, it leaves us with a mere speculation that we may see PC builds, fired by Coffee Lake processor.

For more on this news, read here.

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