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Final Fantasy XV Releases for PC In “Early 2018”

Nearly a year after releasing for consoles, the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy XV is finally being prepared for a launch on PC.

A trailer released during the Nvidia press conference at Gamescom 2017 highlights several technical enhancements that the “Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition” will boast. This includes the customary visuals that scale up to 4K resolution, realistic lighting, high-quality ambient occlusion, and high-definition audio.

In addition, the PC version will utilize the in-house propriety features of Gameworks from Nvidia such as advanced hair simulation, Ansel, and Turf Effects.

Square Enix has confirmed that the PC version of Final Fantasy XV will include all previously released expansion and add-on packs for the game, including the season pass content such as the character episodes and the upcoming multiplayer mode. The game will also include fixes and changes brought about over the past months through various updates.

The PC version of Final Fantasy XV is being touted to be more than a simple port. As far as Nvidia is concerned, players will need some of its best graphic cards in order to play the game at its maximum settings. The official system requirements should put that debate to rest, which might arrive somewhere at the start of the new year.

Final Fantasy XV was released last November for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The fascinating role-playing game is expected to receive support for multiplayer at the end of the year. The online four-player cooperative multiplayer expansion is titled “Comrades” and is part of the season pass. The first beta was met with severe server issues but the second one, held last week, fared better.

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