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Destiny 2 Steam Rumors Debunked, Will Only Release Through Battle.net

Unlike the original installment, the highly anticipated Destiny 2 installment will be releasing for PC this year. However, the sequel will be skipping Steam and instead be available through the recently renamed Blizzard Battle.net client.

Recently, the in-game currency of Destiny surprisingly arrived on Steam. Many purchased it for use in the game and naturally, it led to everyone thinking that perhaps Destiny 2 will release on the popular digital distribution platform after all.

The feature was quickly removed from Steam by Bungie. According to community manager David “Deej” Dague, the currency showing up on the platform was because of an error. Since then, the developer has initiated refunds to everyone and apologised for the confusion.

He also made it clear that Destiny 2 will not release on PC anywhere else. It will be strictly and exclusively available through the Blizzard client. Any rumors for a release on any other platform should be disregarded by fans.

Destiny 2 is scheduled to launch on September 6 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PC version has been slightly pushed back to October 24 to ensure a respectful and stable launch.

Last month, Bungie revealed a pre-order incentive in the form of an exotic weapon called “Coldheart.” It will be available for use from day-one and is a trace rifle. Unlike plasma rifles from the first game that fires in bursts, trace rifles fire a sustained beam of energy in Destiny 2. Take note that the weapon is not exclusive to pre-orders and can be acquired once the game releases. However, that does mean some grinding for the player. Securing an early copy simply removes that extra effort.

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