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Destiny 2 rewards returning players with emblems and more

Guardians loyal to the cause and who will be returning next week to Destiny 2 from the first installment will be eligible for special rewards.

According to game director Luke Smith, it is important that players use the same console identification tag for the sequel as they used previously. That is the only way for the system to ascertain if someone should be honored or not for sticking with the franchise.

These rewards include seven new emblems in Destiny 2, but for only those who were able to complete specific milestones earlier this month in the first installment. Those who were unable to do so should not fret because the developer has more in store for returning players. Unfortunately, Bungie is yet to fully unveil how it plans to do reward everyone for picking up their adventures next week. It has, however, teased that everything will be clear when Destiny 2 officially launches. Apparently, the developer does not want to spoil the surprise.

Based on rumors, at least one of the rewards could be a transmat aura. The new feature was spotted during the beta testing of the PC version. Also, returning players are said to enter the world of Destiny 2 “a little differently” than the rest. Perhaps that hints at a different cut-scene.

Destiny 2 is scheduled to release on September 6 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PC version has been slightly delayed and will arrive in October. We will soon see if the developer has kept its promise to address all issues faced by players the first time, including an underwhelming story-mode with barren content. Hopefully, players will have more to do this time around.

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