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Destiny 2 Beta Runs Better on Intel based CPUs than AMD’s Ryzen, Shows Benchmark Result

Destiny 2 Beta is out now, the players who pre-ordered the game have jumped the closed beta bandwagon prior to the players of open beta. From the looks of it, the game is pretty much balanced already and the PC version seems well optimized. The beta gives a detailed insight to graphics settings that developers talked about at E3 this year.

Destiny 2 Beta has been out since last couple of days and recently we get to look closely at PC settings. The recent benchmark tells a different tale of how poor the game performs if you are on a AMD Ryzen processor.

Destiny 2 Beta comes out to be a very well optimized, beta version alone. Turns out any mid range GPU can run the game smoothly. But, a recent benchmarking tells that that is not the case if your PC is powered by AMD Ryzen family processor.

Check out the graphical comparison in the benchmark shown below.

Destiny 2 Beta

From the looks of it, Intel processors are running the game much optimized as compared to AMD Ryzen family. AMD Ryzen 7 1700 even underperforms Destiny 2 Beta than Intel i3-7350K.

Destiny 2 on PC will offer plenty of customization options as seen in images of beta version. You can hit 1080p 60FPS or for graphics enthusiasts, they can go up to 4K HDR 60FPS. You can also change the color of the reticle.

Previously, the console beta which started on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One last month had Destiny 2 running on 30 frames per second cap. This was mentioned earlier at E3 by Bungie that consoles will get 30FPS cap. Regardless of beefy PlayStation 4 Pro or Xbox One X hardware, you are limited to play Destiny 2 with 30FPS cap tops.


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