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Call of Duty: WWII Campaign Will Feature the Normandy Landings

Sledgehammer Games has recently been fairly busy in sharing details about the multiplayer mode of Call of Duty: WWII. The developer is now taking a break to talk a bit on the single-player campaign.

The September issue of Game Informer confirms that the story mode will take players across Europe. The first mission is a recreation of the Normandy landings on Omaha Beach and has a “Saving Private Ryan” vibe to it. Another mission is called Operation Cobra where the allies enter France, while Train tasks you to work alongside British forces to stop a German train.

In addition, Hurgten Forest will take place near the end of the campaign, where you will be making way to Berlin. One particular missions, called The Wolf’s Den, will see players infiltrating a German base by wearing Nazi disguises. You need to interact with German soldiers and say and do the right things so as not to arouse suspicion. It goes without saying that this will be a cinematic stealth missions which will likely end up bad at the end.

Addressing the issue of including the Nazi iconography in Call of Duty: WWII, studio co-founder Michael Condrey stated that the development team “wrestled with” this topic throughout the development of the game. Ultimately, it was decided to include swastikas in the campaign but not multiplayer or Zombies.

“It was important for us to balance the authenticity of the game and era, and the dark notes that come with the genocide that the Nazis brought to bear,” he said. “We need to balance and respect that but also recognize this is a piece of entertainment and not dishonor the loss of life that happened there. So in the campaign where it’s about this rich narrative and this authentic depiction and the darkness that happened there, we included the swastika, but in multiplayer, zombies, and social space it didn’t feel appropriate; it didn’t feel like it added honor to the cause.”

Call of Duty: WWII is scheduled to release on November 3 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. A beta will be held ahead of launch, starting on August 25 for PlayStation 4.

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