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BioWare Officially Shuts Down Content Support for Mass Effect: Andromeda

It is now apparent that earlier rumors were indeed legitimate. BioWare has officially announced that it is washing its hands off Mass Effect: Andromeda by shutting down any content support for the troubled installment.

Posting on the official blog, the developer stated that Patch 1.10 was the final update for the game. There will be no future patches for the single-player or any kind of in-game story content.

“The game was designed to further expand on the Pathfinder’s journey through this new galaxy with story-based APEX multiplayer missions and we will continue to tell stories in the Andromeda Galaxy through our upcoming comics and novels, including the fate of the quarian ark,” stated the developer.

BioWare is expected to give details in the coming weeks regarding the multiplayer component of Mass Effect: Andromeda. A small team is still working on the online module and will “provide details of ongoing support and upcoming content.” This includes new multiplayer missions, character kids, and more.

Mass Effect: Andromeda was released in March and was met with lukewarm reviews. The game faced severe criticism for its wonky animations even before it had hit the market. To make matters worse, there was no redemption to be found in either the single-player campaign nor narrative.

Mass Effect: Andromeda was supposed to receive a paid expansion pack post-release. However, the negative reviews surfaced a rumor that Electronic Arts has canned future content support for the game. Five months down the line, those rumors have proven to be true.

So what does this hold for the franchise? BioWare was initially planning to release another trilogy. According to more rumors, the any further installments have been put on hold. This does not mean that it marks the end for the science-fiction franchise. It will return with time, once we have all forgotten about Mass Effect: Andromeda.

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