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Bethesda Softworks rumored to be working on a Game of Thrones RPG

Earlier today, a half-baked product page went live on the official website of Target that featured a lonely “Bethesda: Game of Thrones” header.

The premature listing carries nothing else except for a category label that marked it as a featured item. It should be noted that nowhere did it mention the item as a video game. Even stranger is the fact that the product page was removed soon after but is now back up again.

Bethesda Softworks has a history of creating profound role-playing worlds. The publishing company is also reported to be currently working on five different projects that are yet to be unveiled. Two of them were confirmed by studio director Todd Howard earlier this year as being “larger” in scale similar to the “more classical” releases done by the company in its lifetime. One of them could very well be The Elder Scrolls VI. So does this leave us with a Game of Thrones game in development? Bethesda Softworks has not commented on the rumor as of yet but the popular notion is that the project seems unlikely to be true.

Several studios have already taken on Game of Thrones. A role-playing game by the same name, developed by Cyanide Studios, was released in June 2012 by Focus Home Interactive. During the same year, a Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms MMORPG was announced by Bigpoint Games but is now assumed to have been scrapped. A couple of years back, Telltale Games retold the story of the book through its signature episodic releases. It is now working on a second season.

The listing on Target could have been a mistake or it involves Bethesda Softworks in some other way. Suffice to say, confirmation of the studio working on such a game would certainly make rounds on the internet.

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