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ASRock Shows X399 Taichi Motherboard, Ready for Ryzen Threadripper

ASRock has supported by launching its X399 Taichi motherboard for AMD Ryzen Threadripper processor. The motherboard is strictly for enthusiasts only and has all the hardware upper edge than any other casual motherboard.

Specifications wise, ASRock X399 Taichi motherboard has following hardware specifications:

  • Four 16X PCIe slots
  • 8 DIMM slots
  • 8+4 pin power connectors to power CPU
  • Two M.2 drives for fast storage
  • Additional heat sink for VRM cooling alone

Check out the images below:

X399 Taichi MotherboardX399 Taichi Motherboard

X399 Taichi Motherboard

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1900X has released officially now at $549. Comparatively, the CPU costs only $50 more than a AMD Ryzen 7 1800X, but it is the rest of the hardware where Threadripper 1900X configuration becomes expensive.

This price jump of $50 is not sufficient for you to create a Threadripper based desktop PC. You need to add other expenses, as such motherboard, RAM, PSU. This is where AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1900X will cost you way more than a AMD Ryzen 7 1800X.

If you look forward to spend $549 so as to buy a Threadripper 1900X, you need to calculate the price of its required hardware in the total equation. All in all, the X399 motherboard, at which a Threadripper processor sits, will alone cost you $349. Since all this hardware has made debut in the market recently, you are less likely to find it at lowered price.

Regardless of $50 difference between a Threadripper 1900X and Ryzen 7 1800X, analytically, if you look at the scenario, Threadripper family becomes much expensive when you add the prices of necessary hardware in total equation.


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  1. From google… This motherboard is capable of supporting DDR4 ECC un-buffered memory modules that delivers server-grade performance and rock-solid durability for …


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