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Ark: Survival Evolved finally launches today with some new content

After remaining in early access for more than two years, Ark: Survival Evolved finally launches today in its full form for all three major platforms.

It is a momentous day for Studio Wildcard and the developer plans to celebrate the occasion by throwing in some new content for the players. A major update is scheduled to arrive today to mark the official release. It will introduce a full orchestral soundtrack, a new story-line, new end-game content, otters and phoenixes, and much more. The update will also add the Ragnarok downloadable content pack, a free expansion that was built by community modders and adds a huge new island for everyone to explore.

Ark: Survival Evolved was supposed to arrive much earlier. In fact, the developer initially thought that the early access period would be shorter and the final release would take place last summer. However, continuous work on the game demanded more time. In addition, releasing a product on three different platforms is always going to be a tough job.

Ark: Survival Evolved was then slated for a release earlier this month, but the date had to be pushed back by a couple of weeks because of the certification process.

It has been a long road of challenges and accomplishments. Studio Wildcard should pat its back for a job well done. That being said, there is still the matter of pricing. Ark: Survival Evolved was priced at $30 during the early access period but was announced to be doubling it after the official release. The community did not like this, even though games in early access are always cheaper than when they officially release. The developer also briefly chose to scrap the competitive multiplayer servers but ire from the players thought it to reconsider.

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