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AMD RX Vega Shortage to Continue Till October, Says a Source

According to DigiTimes, AMD RX Vega shortage will not be restocked before this October, this is to say no RX Vega card will be sold at normal price till another batch of GPUs hit the stores.

AMD promised to launch RX Vega graphics cards on scale, while the reality was a total opposite to the said statement. The total shortage of AMD RX Vega graphics cards have caused inflation, meaning even if you could get your hands on any unit, you will not be able to buy it at stated MSRP. This inflation will last until GPUs are not restocked and mass produced.

The flagship GPU RX Vega shortage happened even before it could come before many countries. Not even a single unit was received in many countries with huge graphics cards industrial market revenue. Starting from this Monday, the RX Vega graphics cards became available in Japan with an inflated price due to unit shortage.

Retailers suggest that inflated price is likely to last until AMD rolls out another batch, ending RX Vega shortage.

Few websites sold the early GPUs with bundled items, so to avoid the shortage and mining, but the methodology failed miserably as currently the GPU is sold out at inflated price and is very hard to find and buy.

let us know what you make of this situation. Is AMD playing wrong cards by launching a limited number of RX Vega units? Will the RX Vega shortage affect its concurrent batch sales? let us know your thoughts in comments section below.

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