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Acer Orion Predator 9000 Gaming PC, a Future Proof Gaming Machine?

Acer updates its Predator lineup with the latest Acer Orion Predator 9000. This desktop PC will be a beast, it buffs all the three parameters a PC should have. You will have high end CPU, high end GPUs and versatile cooling system. The desktop PC will come out in multiple configurations in terms of hardware.

First stop, the CPU that will power Acer Orion Predator 9000 PC will be a Core i9 Extreme Edition, which has 18 cores and 36 threads. This processor is best designed to work on content creation or rendering kind of creative applications. The processor will not boost your gaming needs, but, that is where the multiple configurations come in.

Second, buyers of Acer Orion Predator 9000 will get to choose between two configurations of either two Nvidia GTX 1080Ti GPUs or four AMD Radeon RX Vega GPUs. Regardless of any configuration that a buyer goes for, this machine will be a solid investment, that will not need any GPU upgrade for least 3 years to come.

Third, as Acer Orion Predator 9000 will feature top tier CPU and GPUs working together, they will generate a lot of heat. This is where Predator shines, the PC covers the cooling mechanism via liquid cooling as well as Acer’s Ice Tunnel 2.0.The mesh at the upfront and on top provides increased air flow.

Acer Orion Predator 9000 will sport 128GB of RAM, which is a total abundance since you will not be using RAM above 64GB mark. The desktop PC also has some RGB lighting show with all the storage expansion with PCIe ports and M.2 options readily available.

For all the above mentioned specifications, Acer places a $1,999 price tag for Acer Orion Predator 9000. The price value is definitely worth all the hardware and the case design that Predator series offers.

What do you make of Acer Predator showing its latest iteration of desktop PC? Is it worth the above mentioned money? Let us know your thoughts in comments section below. Meanwhile, Check out the images below.

Acer Orion Predator 9000 Acer Orion Predator 9000

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