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AMD Ryzen Threadripper Gets First Water Block Support From BYKSKI

AMD Ryzen Threadripper is unconventionally a big processor that essentially must be kept in minimal temperatures and for that BYKSKI, a popular Chinese liquid cooling equipment manufacturer has announced first water block support. The water blocks are currently only available in China.

BYKSKI water block for Ryzen Threadripper processor comes in two different colors with a custom option of RGB and non-RGB lights support:

  • Silver
  • Silver + RGB Lighting
  • Red
  • Red + Lighting

Since BYKSKI is giving PC enthusiasts to opt between RGB lighting water block or non-RGB block, surprisingly, the cost difference is not much between the two. The water blocks without RGB support are available for 58 USD, while water blocks with RGB support costs 63 USD only.

BYKSKI has a reputation of providing water blocks at quite cheap price value. Not only the low price, but BYKSKI also maintains the quality in its liquid cooling equipment manufacturing. The newly announced Ryzen Threadripper water blocks are very cheap comparatively to the EK blocks, which comes at high cost. Least of all, these water blocks will serve your purpose for sake of aesthetics.

BYKSKI water blocks are available at Taobao.com, Amazon.com or Aliexpress.com. Check out the detailed images below.

Threadripper Threadripper Threadripper Threadripper Threadripper

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