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Early AMD Ryzen Threadripper Benchmarks Released, Performs Closely With Core i9-7900X

AMD showcased its Ryzen Threadripper processor lineup last week at SIGGRAPH event, but the question of its performance remained unanswered,all we know that Threadripper costs half the price to its rival Core i9-7900X and that it will perform better but no Threadripper benchmarks are available to prove the argument.

We now have synthetic results done on Alienware Area-51 gaming PC using Rise of The Tomb Raider. The Threadripper Benchmarks are from LinusTechTips so as to test the might of Ryzen Threadripper processor and how far better it performs against Intel Core i9-7900X. A GeForce GTX 1080 Ti was used as common GPU to synthesize benchmarking on DirectX 11, DirectX 12. Check out the image below to know more:

Threadripper Benchmarks

Alienware Area-51 Ryzen Threadripper performed very closely with X299 Core i9-7900X. On DirectX 11, both scored 68 points, while on DirectX 12, Ryzen Threadripper came very close. However, LinusTechTips did not provide any details on running resolution for Rise of The Tomb Raider.

Considering the price point of both processors and the performance analysis, Ryzen Threadripper surely seems a better pick. Threadripper Benchmarks chart tells that fairly at half the price of Core i9-7900X, one can get a competitive processor.

LinusTechTips also ran some tests on 3D Mark with Firestrike Ultra and Time Spy Benchmarking. Looking at the chart shown below, X299 performs better in Time Spy (CPU) test but both come very close in Firestrike Ultra and Time Spy test.

Threadripper Benchmarks

Two more benchmarking tests were also done to showcase the might of 16cores / 32threads Ryzen Threadripper against 10cores / 20threads core i9-7900X. Clearly, more core count and threads results a high score on CINEBENCH R15 – Multithreaded. Check the images below.

Threadripper Benchmarks


Threadripper Benchmarks

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