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Super Mario Odyssey Will Give You Unlimited Lives

Super Mario Odyssey will not feature any kind of “Game Over” screen and players will have unlimited lives on their hands, Nintendo has revealed.

Traditionally, Mario games have pitted everyone into clearing stages in a limited amount of attempts. Sure, there are ways to earn additional lives but at the end of the day there is always the fear of starting over again.

Super Mario Odyssey will break free from these shackles. Taking to Twitter, Nintendo showcased that upon dying in the upcoming installment, players will only lose coins as a penalty.

The exact translation, provided by Rocket News 24, is as follows: “If Mario’s health drops to zero, or if he falls down a bottomless pit, you’ll lose 10 of your coins. But…! No matter how many times you’ll mess up, there’s never a game over.”

However, that does bring up the question of what will happen when Mario runs out of coins? Perhaps that might never take place since the penalty is so slow. Presumably, players will be able to collect an abundance of that shimmering currency with ease at every turn. In addition, the game might not be that difficult for players to continuously fail. Hence, in that light, Super Mario Odyssey might very well be a game without any game overs.

Super Mario Odyssey is scheduled to release on October 27 exclusively for the Switch. It goes without saying that it will be major hit. There is a worldwide cult following of the popular plumber. With everyone waiting in long queues just to get hold of the console, there is no reason why Super Mario Odyssey shatters sales records upon launch.

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