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Sony Uploads Edited Xbox One X Anthem Footage as PlayStation 4 Gameplay

Earlier today, the official PlayStation YouTube channel uploaded the Anthem footage that was shown during the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

Do keep in mind that the in-engine demonstration was running on an Xbox One X, according to Microsoft. Hence, the message from Sony was clear today that the footage can now be seen running on a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro console as well.

However, many viewers (via Eurogamer) were able to spot that the footage is actually the same one from E3 2017. The only difference is that someone went to work by editing an overlay of PlayStation 4 controls on the top of the Xbox One X footage. This could have worked in fooling everyone, except that there are several frames where you can easily spot the original Xbox button prompts peeking from beneath the overlay.

This has to be incredibly embarrassing for Sony and specifically, the PlayStation division in charge of this whole mess. To be fair, this is not the first time that a company has doctored footage and swapped the button prompts for another platform. However, it is important in this case since Anthem looked simply gorgeous running on the Xbox One X. Due to the difference in hardware, there is a possibility that the game might not look the same running on a PlayStation 4 Pro. Hence, many gaming enthusiasts are concerned because this can actually be taken as Sony trying to fool everyone into believing otherwise.

We still do not know how well Anthem will run on PlayStation 4. For all we know, it could match the Xbox One X. However, this little stunt was clearly not how Sony needed to convince us to purchase the game on its platform.

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