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New Spiderman Artworks Show Mr.Negative and Kingpin Boss Fight

Insomniac has shown latest two screenshots of Spiderman game, the artwork shows two villains which will appear in the game as boss fights. One of the screenshot is of Kingpin; the crime boss. The other villain shown in screenshots is Mr.Negative, who was also shown in E3 gameplay demo. If you missed the gameplay demo, you can check it out below.

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Insomniac further has mentioned that Kingpin boss fight will be early in the game. If analyzed, the statement is true as evident from E3 2017 gameplay video, when Spiderman talks to Kingpin on phone he is already in jail.

As for the second screenshot, which focuses on Mr.Negative bashing spiderman inside the train, it gives a sense that both will encounter multiple times in the game. The E3 2017 gameplay video shows the helicopter chase of Mr.Negative, while the recent screenshot portrays a different scenario.

Spiderman Spiderman

Insomniac has not listed the exact launch date of Spiderman game, but we do know that it will launch sometime in 2018, exclusively on PlayStation 4 system.

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