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New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Makes Way for Pixar

Over the weekend, Disney and Square Enix shared new details for Kingdom Hearts III during the official fan conference known as D23.

The developer began the presentation by releasing a new trailer, offering fans the first look at the game following the initial reveal last year. It featured Sora, locked in combat against various Heartless. Soon after the protagonist joined up with Donald and Goofy to enter the world of Toy Story. Here, the trio met with Buzz Lightyear and Woody, who explained how the Heartless have invaded Andy’s bedroom. A number of other toys made an appearance as well, including Rex, the dinosaur, and Hamm, the piggy bank. Besides the combat and minor story elements, the trailer also offered a brief glimpse at the primary antagonist of the game known as Organization XIII.

Kingdom Hearts III will be the first installment in the series to debut a Pixar-based world. It is not entirely surprising when knowing that Disney acquired Pixar in 2006, just after the release of the last mainline game in the series. Director Tetsuya Nomura stated that fans will experience an original story set in the Toy Story universe, with a number of other surprises lying in wait.

This does brings up the question as to whether there are other worlds and universes that will cross over into Kingdom Hearts III. For the time being, other worlds that have already been confirmed include Big Hero 6 and Tangled, two recent Disney animated feature films.

Kingdom Hearts III is slated for an official launch worldwide in 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Recalling the history of the franchise, fans are skeptical of the latest entry sticking to its schedule. In the case of any possible delays, an early 2019 release will suffice as well. The only thing that should not occur is an extended delay where the game is more or less put on a hiatus.

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