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Killing Floor 2 Skips 4K Support on Xbox One X Due to Major Frame-Rate Drops

Killing Floor 2 will feature several enhancements that make use of the better hardware on the Xbox One X, but among them will not be 4K resolution.

According to senior graphics programmer Dave Elder, the online cooperative first-person shooter had a very easy time to jump over to the upcoming new console upgrade from Microsoft. “Very little engineering” was required on the part of Tripwire Interactive to have the action game run “smoothly” on the Xbox One X. It actually took around four hours to achieve the feat.

That being said, Killing Floor 2 will run at native 1800p on the console and not make use of the checker-boarding technology. The fixed resolution is because the development team was finding it hard to render the game in glorious 4K resolution without facing “significant” frame-rate drops. 1800p was the sweet spot where the game experienced optimal balance between visual quality and performance.

We don’t have a specific frame rate target for XBox One X, although the game does run at higher frame rates than the base Xbox One, even at 1800p resolution. We will be using Ultra textures on Xbox One X. We are also increasing the resolution of our shadow maps and shadow draw distance.

Killing Floor 2 is scheduled to release on Xbox One at the end of next month. It will include all of the previously released content and add-on packs; including The Tropical Bash, The Descent, and Elements of The Summer Sideshow. A minor update at launch will adjust the sequel for action on the Xbox One X.

Killing Floor 2 was first launched for PlayStation 4 and PC in November of last year. It is powered by a heavily modified version of Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3.


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