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Intel 6-Core Coffee Lake CPU-Z Screenshot Leaked

Intel Coffee Lake is pretty much away from launch, while this does not stop the leaks surfacing the internet. A recent CPU-Z screenshot allegedly tells that Intel Coffee Lake is a 6-Core processor with base clock of 3.5GHz and supports LGA1151 socket.

The CPU-Z screenshot source was taken down later, however this gives away one key information that 8th generation Intel Coffee Lake series may feature 6-core processors. The CPU-Z data maybe the initial data sample and is not necessarily representing the final product. We wait till Intel comes up and announces officially the specifications of Intel Coffee Lake series.

Coffee Lake

The CPU will be based on 14nm technology with maximum 80W TDP. The 3.5GHz base clock speed processor will have maximum 43 multiplier and 99.78 MHz of Bus Speed.

There is nothing much CPU-Z screenshot tells about the 8th generation processor, however the information must be taken with grain of salt since the screenshot was removed lately.

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