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GPU Mining Causes Shortage and Price Hike, Next GPU Shipment 3 Months Away, Says German Retailer

In past couple of months, there has been an elevated interest in GPU mining all across various parts of world. The current scenario stands out at acute shortage of GPUs and even if you could find one, it will be on a price hike. Such as at some place, a GTX 1070 costs much more than a GTX 1080. So, you are likely stuck with you present GPU, all thanks to GPU mining.

GPU miners have purchased all the GPUs they could find, this trend was found more vibrant in US, Europe and China. A German retailer says that the next GPU batch of current generation GPUs is at least three months away. This means that currently Nvidia and AMD are more focused to manufacture and launch their respective next generation of GPUs; Volta and Vega.

Nvidia and AMD have their manufacturing orders for current generation of GPUs but no availability of date has been disclosed as of yet. This was claimed by German retailer MindFactory and based on this data he predicts a 3 months arrival time window for the GPUs.

The rise in GPU mining has caused all used GPUs across world to sell out, additionally; it has also affected the market of new GPUs as well, since the price has hiked substantially.

We do not know for sure if the prediction will become true, and we suggest you to take the news as rumor only. We will know for sure once Nvidia and AMD announce the manufacturing and availability of its current generation GPUs publically. Stay tuned to know more.



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