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Full Release of Ark: Survival Evolved Pushed Back, Ragnorak DLC Also Delayed

Ark: Survival Evolved released through the early access program more than two years ago. Since then, Studio Wildcard has been working intensively to polish the action-adventure survival experience and introduce new content for the benefit of a healthy community.

Ark: Survival Evolved was previously scheduled to relinquish its early access title and officially release on August 8. Posting on the official forums, the developer announced that the release is being delayed by a couple of weeks and will take place at the end of the month.

Though the game has gone gold, the “process took a little longer than expected” and has forced the need for additional time. This also means that the much-awaited Ragnorak DLC is also being delayed and will release alongside the full game on August 29.

“This extended time will allow further development of the map and you guys can expect a gigantic update, even bigger than we initially thought,” promised the developer.

This not only means a larger world to explore but also new biomes, engrams, a Wyvern canyon on the coast, a new boss, and “something secret the Ragnarok team are cooking up.” What’s more, the custom creatures from Ragnorak can be transferred over to The Island, The Center, and Scorched Earth via the CrossARK system.

“We’re deeply apologetic for those who were negatively affected by the delay; it sucks, it wasn’t what we had wanted, nor planned but where we currently stand. We wanted to address this sooner but did not want to make any statements until we were completely sure of what was going to happen.”

Ark: Survival Evolved is still available for purchase as an early access title on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. However, its price has been bumped in light of its upcoming full release.

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