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Fortnite Goes Huge, Sells 500,00 Copies at Launch

After spending more than five brutal years in development, Fortnite finally saw the light of day last week when it arrived through the early access program.

It is only natural to assume that doubt has settled into the minds of those who at one point were closely following the cooperative sandbox survival experience from Epic Games. However, that has proven to be mere fallacy as Fortnite managed to sell more than 500,000 copies on its first day alone.

Fortnite is confirmed to opt for a free-to-play business model, comprising microtransactions and such, when it officially releases sometime next year. However, during its early access period, interested individuals must purchase one of various editions that can cost between $40 and $150.

The developer is yet to clarify as to what kind of restrictions there will be for those who want to enjoy Fornite for free. The best business model in such cases is to give full access to players, where they must grind for gameplay elements such as characters and only pay ahead to save time or for cosmetic upgrades.

Fortnite was first revealed way back in December 2011, when Cliff Bleszinski was still working at Epic Games. Since then, the game has changed in various ways but still retains the fun element at its core.

Fortnite is now available in Early Access on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. If you are one of those who bought a copy this week, do tell us how you are enjoying the game.

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