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Fortnite Enters Early Access, Requires You to Spend $40

Fortnite, a cooperative sandbox survival experience, has finally entered Early Access after being stuck for years in an alleged development hell.

While it has made rare appearances in the media, Fortnite has been subject to several alpha and beta tests over the years. It is currently without an official release date but the developer hopes to push it sometime next year. Do note that the final version will be free-to-play. However, the Early Access version requires players to purchase the standard edition for $40. This includes the base game and various bonuses such as loot packs and additional customization options.

There are also the more expensive editions of the game. The Deluxe version will cost you $60, the Super Deluxe for $80 and a Limited special edition for $150. All variations come with various bonuses such as weapon packs, additional hero characters, and even bonus copies of the game to share with friends.

As mentioned above, the final version will be free-to-play. The developer is yet to clarify as to what kind of restrictions there will be for those who want to enjoy Fornite for free. The best business model in such cases is to give full access to players, where they must grind for gameplay elements such as characters and only pay ahead to save time or for cosmetic upgrades.

Fortnite was first revealed way back in December 2011, when Cliff Bleszinski was still working at Epic Games. Since then, the game has changed in various ways but still retains the fun element at its core.

Fortnite is now available in Early Access on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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