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AMD Radeon RX VEGA Lineup Teased, VEGA XTX, VEGA XT and VEGA XL Incoming

We know now that AMD will announce officially RX Vega GPUs later this month at SIGGRAPH event, but a recent leak has teased Vega XTX, Vega XT and Vega XL. The teased information gives a little information on the three variants of upcoming AMD Radeon RX Vega GPU lineup. The data points that Vega XTX will be water cooled version and Vega XT will be air-cooled version, while the last Vega XL will be the cut-down version.

The teased information divides the three cards based on their cooling system. Additionally, the teased information gives the individual TDP of GPUs. The XTX version will have the highest TDP of 375W, while Vega XT and Vega XL have similar TDP of 285W.

The leaked data also gives information of Memory and stream processors of each Vega GPU. The leading Vega XTX will have 4096 stream processors with 8GB of HBM2 memory. Similarly the Vega XT has same number of stream processors as the XTX version. However, it should be noted that Vega XTX is a water cooled version, while Vega XT is air-cooled GPU.

Since Vega XTX will be a top of the line in its lineup, we are not sure if the teased data gives right information. We expected the top tier Vega GPU to have 16GB HBM2 but the leaked data says otherwise. We wait till AMD reveals officially the specifications of individual GPUs at SIGGRAPH Capsaicin event, later this July.

What do you make of the teased information on AMD Vega lineup? Do you think Vega XTX will compete against Nvidia’s top tier GTX 1080? Let us know in comments section below.


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