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Get Shadow Warrior Special Edition For Free via Humble Bundle

If you missed the recent steam sales and wanted to grab a copy of Shadow Warrior, now is the time to get its special edition for free. Shadow Warrior is running currently free at HumbleBundle.com for a very limited time.

How To Get The Free Copy of The Game:

All you need to do is navigate to the HumbleBundle.com and checkout the free version available of Shadow Warrior Special Edition. You will need to create or login at HumbleBundle.com, then link your steam account. You can checkout then the free version for your steam account or you can get the free copy as gift so as to gift a friend.

Shadow Warrior is a first-person hack’Nslash game developed by Polish independent development studio Flying Wild Hog. It is a reboot of the original 1997 game with same name, which was published by GT Interactive and developed by 3D Realms. The game first appeared for Microsoft Windows through digital distribution via GOG.com and Steam.

The game focuses on a mercenary ninja named Lo Wang who cuts and slashes hordes of demonic entities into half. The story level progression is divided into chapters, with main protagonist leveling up from smaller stages to large open stages.

The game launched on 26 September 2013 initially on PC, later it came out to Sony and Microsoft system consoles.


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