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Creative Assembly Moves Towards Spin-Off Expansions With “A Total War Saga”

Following several core offerings, the critically acclaimed military strategical franchise will now eye spin-off installments as part of “A Total War Saga.”

According to game director Jack Lusted, the next titles in the new branching series will retain the “same mix of turn-based campaign strategy, real-time battle tactics, and hundreds if not thousands of hours of gameplay” that is signature to the Total War brand. The only difference lies in the fact that the upcoming installments will focus on more smaller periods of history compared to their predecessors.

“Sagas won’t be revolutionary new titles or introduce brand-new eras; they’ll follow-on from previous Total War games and inhabit the same time-period, or at the very least relate to it,” reads a blog post. “But these are certainly Total War games.”

Creative Assembly further compared the new lineup to previous installments such as Total War: Shogun 2 – Fall of the Samurai, which was a standalone expansion to the base game that focused specifically on the Boshin War. The developer also teased that the first game in the Total War Saga is “another spiritual follow-up to Total War: Rome II.” In addition, fans can expect the map to be similar in size to that of Total War: Attila. However, it will focus on a “smaller geographical area, and the campaign will take as long to complete as any other Total War title.”

Creative Assembly is yet to clarify as to just how many games the Total War Saga will feature, or when the first one will release. Hopefully, more details and information will arrive in the coming months. With Gamescom 2017 on the horizon, we may even get to see an official reveal for the first installment in the new spin-off series.

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