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PlayStation 4 Slim Gold Variant Reportedly Coming Soon

Sony is reportedly preparing to release a PlayStation 4 slim model that will be decked in gold from top to bottom, including the accompanying controller.

A photo showing the packaging of the console surfaced on Reddit earlier today. It appears to include a 1 TB hard drive, and there is no information as to whether buyers will have the option of attaining the standard 500 GB version as well. According to the source, the goal variant will launch on June 9.

However, the absence of an official listing makes this a rumor for now. Speaking with GameSpot, the source claimed to work for the North American branch of Target, and who came across the upcoming console variant in the store’s internal systems.

This creates another question; if the leak is legitimate, will the new edition launch exclusive for North America or will be available in other regions as well. Usually, Sony is in the habit of releasing different editions for different countries. In that light, the golden PlayStation 4 slim may essentially be limited to North America.

PlayStation 4 slim is currently available in the market in matte black and glacier white. However, the latter is only available through the North American division of Walmart, and that too in the form of an exclusive Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare bundle.

We are just two weeks away from the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). The release date of June 9 is weird because Sony could potentially announce the gold variant during its press conference just a few days after.

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