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New Apple iMac 2017 Will Have Upgradable CPU and RAM, Says iFixit

People at iFixit in a recent teardown of new Apple iMac 2017 reveal that the CPU and RAM can be upgradable. The previous generations of iMac series were notoriously famous for non-upgradability. The processors were not modular and RAMs soldered pretty neat to motherboard. But the recent highlight from iFixit confirms that the new Apple iMac 2017 will feature upgradable CPU and RAM, only if you know how to do it.

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The Apple iMac 2017 price starts from $4999, which is considerably high for a desktop. But, Apple iMac machines are not your daily desktop machines. Regardless of the high price, the teardown reveals that inside of it lies a standard SK hynix 8 Gb RAM DDR4 with a modular CPU of a standard socket of LGA 1151.

Apple iMac

Since the RAM is not soldered hard into motherboard, it leaves us with upgradability option. One can save money and buy a standard or lower variant of iMac then later invest the saved amount to upgrade the RAM. This feature will be something Apple iMac fans will want.

You can pretty much swap a 6th or 7th generation of a processor but doing so will require the removal of socket, and then replacing it again after swap. This is something you would not want to do it yourself as the price is pretty high for Apple iMac and removal of socket voids the warranty.

Let us know what you think about the upgradability feature. Has Apple deliberately put upgradable CPU and RAM options for fans in the new iMac? Let us know in comments section below.


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